Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yes, we're still building

Not this year, obviously, but the plans are still being kicked around.

We slowed down considerably after getting some prices in the spring and realizing we couldn't afford to build what we'd been eyeing. Since then, we've been talking, thinking... and learning to use Chief Architect software so we can express our ideas more clearly.

We also continue to read about design, construction, and energy efficiency. It's amazing how quickly some of this stuff is changing. Check out this article on the new energy efficiency code to see how much standards have changed in just a few years.
The code hasn't been adopted everywhere (heck, apparently there are still many parts of the US where they don't have any building codes at all!), but where it's adopted it's going to require some significant changes. 75 per cent of lighting must be "high efficacy" (Compact Flourescent or equivalent); all houses must have a blower door test, and in our area must have less than 3 air changes per hour; there would need to be a continuous rigid insulation system outside the building envelope, such as rigid foam on top of a stud wall.) Interesting how a recession combined with high fuel costs is finally driving energy efficient building!

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