Friday, August 17, 2012

Tweaking the design

We got the first round of quarter plan drawings last night. I was surprised at how many changes Phil had made from our initial sketches -- some good, others not so much.
Sharon and I spent an hour (after getting back from the theatre, so a tired hour) going through and making notes, then sent it back.
Somehow we're back to the debate about whether to have a high cathedral ceiling over the living room, a decision I thought we had made ages ago. Funny how that goes -- just when you think you've won, you find out you haven't!
Tree-cutting is going well. Only a couple of big ones to bring down, a few mediums, and lots of little baby trees to kill. Of course it isn't the bringing them down that takes the time, it's limbing, dragging and stacking. Isaiah was out helping me the other evening, and I'll get some more labour out of him this weekend. It makes a big difference, and almost makes it worth all the cereal we have to buy to keep him fed.
We had a couple of burns over the winter (well, one in the winter and one that was really too far into a rather dry spring -- a near disaster that I'm not in a hurry to repeat!). The rest of the branches are being stacked well off to the sides of the property with the idea that we'll bring in a chipper when the house is built and convert them all into lots of lovely mulch for gardens. Sawlogs are also being stacked for future firewood-making days. Thank goodness for a good Stihl.
Chainsaws, by the way, are one of those tools where it really pays to buy the best you can. I bought a $200 Homelight chainsaw from Home Depot, and when it kacked out even a staff member at HD asked me why I was buying such a crappy saw. I now have a $650 Stihl, which I love using. Starts, runs, cuts, shuts off, all when it's supposed to.

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